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Follow the lunar horoscope each day in order to remain in harmony with nature.

The Phases of the Moon and Nature’s Rhythm

“Pater eius est sol, mater eius est luna.” Thus begins the alchemists’ Emerald Table. The Sun and the Moon are the parents of evolution, of day and night, of light and heat, of the masculine and feminine principles. From its beginnings, live on earth responds to celestial lights. The first man’s testicles are filled with hormones in May, when the sun sends out the greatest amount of ultraviolet rays, and the woman has been fertile at the time of the full moon, whereas infants were brought into this world in February, at the time when the avant-garde Aquarian reigns supreme.

According to sociologist Monica Harbeck, it is no doubt as a result of the artificial illumination of cities that the moon lost its influence upon women’s menstrual cycle. In any case, the changes in the phases of the moon greatly influence everything that is alive, the growth and degeneration processes, health and illness.

Waxing Moon

Astrological practice shows that when the moon is in its first quarter, all the growth processes of the organism are enhanced. Thus, the body absorbs and uses vitamins and minerals better, and anything we undertake during this phase of the moon is more likely to succeed. Nonetheless, where sickness and treatment is involved, astrology advises not to operate on tumors because during the time when the moon is in its growing phase, the wounds’ healing process becomes more difficult. What is more, warts removed during this particular moon phase most often reappear, generally even bigger than they were before.

Full Moon

Physics reveals that the full moon acts upon the Earth’s magnetic fields, raising ocean levels up to 33 feet and those of the continents up to approximately one foot. The human body, just like the Earth, is two thirds water. This explains how come people feel the effects of the full moon one way or another. Women are more passionate, men more nervous, some experience disturbed sleep, other sleepwalking crises, the police finds itself topsy-turvy with work as a result of the increased consumption of alcohol, an outburst of accidents and of chain collisions. One thing is for sure: blood runs faster through our veins. Hence, astrology advises us to avoid surgical operations during full moon periods since hemorrhages are more abundant and incisions heal with greater difficulty. Also, experience shows that the results of a vaccination administered during the full moon are more intense. For the vaccine to take effect more easily, astrology advices it be administered three days before the full moon. Nonetheless, this particular phase of the moon also has its good aspects: medicinal plants gathered during these days make a stronger impact. However, trees and vines cropped during such times have a greater chance of dwindling away.

Waning Moon

Throughout this phase everything unfolds more successfully and with less effort. When the moon is in its last quarter, housewives can verify that less time and energy is taken up in cleaning and fixing the house, that less detergent is needed in order to wash the laundry and that one can eat the dishes that are highest in calories with less weight gain than otherwise. This is the reason why astrology advices us to perform surgery at this particular time. Astrology also reveals that dental fillings, crowns and bridges installed during this particular moon phase are more durable, just as is the case with cosmetics prepared at this time. Nonetheless, this phase does not fare well for gardening, in particular where it comes to seedling or to transplanting.

New Moon

The older generations inheriting the experience of the preceding ones know that it serves one well to begin something new during the phase of the new moon. Nonetheless, many apparently do not know that this phase of the moon is the ideal moment to set oneself to fighting old and bad habits. Practice shows that arresting the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and an excessive use of coffee or food has a better chance of succeeding when it is begun during the new moon since withdrawal is easier to tolerate and the ability of the organism to get rid of toxins is higher at this time than otherwise. Astrology even advices, should you decide to fast one day during the month, to do so during the new moon. This way you will protect yourself against many illnesses.

The Moon in the Horoscope

Each organ in the body is governed by a zodiac sign. Thus, the head, eyes, upper jaw, liver and brain are governed by Aries, the skin and kidneys by Libra, etc.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine who is still today revered by physicians, knew astrology well and applied it in his cures. At a time when x-rays and echograms did not exist and when people were closer to nature than they are today, Hippocrates had his students learning astrology first and, only later, medicine. For him, “a physician who does not know astrology resembles a calf more than he does a physician.”

While today’s criteria would hold such words of contempt as cruel and offensive towards the armies of well-intentioned physicians who attempt to overcome cancer, heart attacks, epidemics, mental illness and all the rest, one can excuse Hippocrates considering the fact that contemporary physicians, unlike those of his era, have at their disposal the latest technological discoveries. Nonetheless, he knew the basic astrological ruling according to which, when the moon travels through the sign that governs a sick organ, the latter is more sensitive and more easily affected than usual. Hippocrates made of the following rule a message for future physicians to keep in mind: “Do not operate the part of the body that is governed by the sign the moon is passing through at the moment.” In other words, when the moon is in Aries one must not operate the head, when in Taurus, one must not operate the thyroid, when in Gemini, it is the lungs that should be left in peace, etc.

It is also the reason why everything that is undertaken in order to heal a certain part of the body will work twice as well when the moon finds itself in the corresponding sign. For example, since Pisces governs the feet’s soles, the best moment to massage the feet is when the moon is in Pisces.

Follow the lunar horoscope each day in order to remain in harmony with nature.
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